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Friday's New Arrivals!

The delivery truck has arrived and brought with it the following new products!

Ribstone Creek Old Man Winter Porter is back again for the winter season. If you haven't already tried this award winning beer from Edgerton, Alberta, you should. So delicious!

Bostavan Bastardo red wine from Moldova. The Bastardo grape is primarily known as the grape used in Portugal to make Port. In Moldova this hand harvested semi-sweet grape creates a dark ruby coloured wine that exhibits aromas of black cherry and violets, ending with a light sweetness on the palate. Great to enjoy alone or paired with beef dishes.

Chayee Bourras red wine from Argentina. Winner of the 2015 Alberta Beverage Awards "Judges Selection", this wine produced from the Bonarda grape is colourful with a fruity and floral bouquet, and soft and sweet tannins. This wine pairs well with moderately spicy foods, cold cuts, soft red meats, pasta and beans.

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